Sharing an in progress Thinkific Landing page

Created for a Thinkific Landing Page I am working on for a client. Designed for my Instagram page. I’m hoping to share more in progress work, to compare it to final cuts. This is made on Thinkific using the Empire Theme. I’m trying something new here after reading StoryBrand by Donald Miller. I have not put the course title on the banner and have left that reveal until later on down the page.

The first few sections are written so that the reader will recognize themselves in the descriptions. The villian in this scenario is Western Medicine and the idea that medications are thrown at you with little regard for the side effects. The course is designed so that students can take control of their own health.

Will share the final version when we have added a video from the instructor and finalized the introductory material.

Give me a shout if you are needing something similar. BOOK A CALL

You can view the end result HERE

If you’d like to learn how to do this yourself in Thinkific, the next step would be to take my new course SiteBuilder Savvy

Lindsey on screen

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