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Ready to scale your business or expertise with online courses?

I use Thinkific to build online courses for my clients everyday. I’m one of their approved experts and help their clients optimize and publish their courses. Now you can expand to new markets and customers with the tools inside the Thinkific App Store! Apps make it easy to create a customized course experience that leverages your branded expertise.

Thinkific is Good for Beginners

Thinkific is great for beginners it has three features that beginners need

  1. A FREE plan, you get to produce and publish one course for free
  2. An easy way to record and produce your slide presentations built-in. It is called a presentation lesson and you can record audio slide by slide right inside Thinkific.
  3. Thinkific is ready to scale with you as you grow your business. From incorporating zoom lessons, to offering payment plans

Now, if you are ready to scale, the Thinkific APP Store is OPEN!

Thinkific realized that after launching a new course there are certain actions that many course creators want to take. The most common is to keep students engaged in the learning process. You can do that by communicating with them often. Course Creators who keep track of their statistics showing student progress will be at an advantage. If student progress is slow, they know to make adjustments.

It is even easier to give your course the branded custom experience without any coding or web development skills. With Thinkific’s app store, you can easily create a customized course experience that will set you apart from your competitors.

– Deliver course content that adds value for everyone.

– Put your expertise in the right hands to grow your audience.

– Sell and market your courses 24/7 at scale.

-Optimize your sales flow to convert more interested clients. Used this way many apps can pay for themselves quickly.

APPs in Four Key Areas

Screenshot of Thinkific App Store, categories include Student experience, sell more, tracking and email automation

The Thinkific App Store will launch with 30 apps across four key categories:

  • Increased Student Engagement. Apps at launch include: Zoom (live lessons). Lessonspace (visual collaboration), and Motrain (gamification).
  • Easier to Scale – using specialized tools to help course creators reach new audiences and increase revenue. Apps at launch include: Shopify (ecommerce). Typeform (surveys). DropInBlog (content and search engine optimization).
  • Make Sense of your Data – analytics that will help course creators to understand their students’ behaviors, preferences and needs. Apps at launch include: Segment. Google Analytics and Mixpanel.
  • Easy automation – email automation tools to simplify customer communication. Apps at launch include: ActiveCampaign. Mailchimp and ConvertKit (email automation).

For a limited time you can get a 30 day trial, which will help you can start selling your expertise and scale confidently with online courses powered by the Thinkific App Store.

Grab the 30 day trial now! 👉👉👉 GET THINKIFIC

You can find the app store inside your free trial account.


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