The Course Chemist: From One Sentence to Success

What could you teach me in an hour?

We all have that one thing.

Do you have your one sentence summary of your course?

That’s how it starts. From there you can build your course. This probably gives you all the overwhelm and stuckness that you see in the chart below.

Course Creation Confusion

Some of us are full of course ideas, maybe you have a course you finished, but weren’t proud of it enough to go out and sell it. Maybe you have a half finished course that got too big and confusing so you abandoned it. Course Chemist brings all the right elements together to finally move these roadblocks out of the way. If you’ve ever felt any of these confusions, then this new course is ideal for you.

The Course Chemist

It is written by my business coach Julie Stoian, who has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in online courses. She knows how to build, sell and motivate her students. I happily paid for her last course, which was $1000, because I knew it would deliver a return on investment way beyond what I paid. Plus, by the end, my feed was full of her students showing off their Badge of Completion after they had FINISHED, that’s called the proud factor.

So let’s break that down. She sells courses for $1000 that people FINISH AND want to brag about.

She is showing us ALL how to do it in her new course THE COURSE CHEMIST, (which is quite a lot cheaper!)

Her Promise is

Brainstorm, Build and Complete 

The Best and most Reliable Course You’ve Ever Created

She delivers. 

I create courses for clients all day, every day and I devoured THE COURSE CHEMIST this weekend. AND IT IS SOOO GOOD, I have some extra nuggets to make my clients courses even better, consistently. I wanted to share!

As a chemistry grad (kind of irrelevant, but funny) and an Instructional Designer (so relevant), this is ALL you need, (plus maybe some accountability and strategy thrown in), in order to have a wonderful system in place.

It’s not a long course, you can take it over two evenings and be ready. Watch the Course Chemist, because building your business won’t wait, but the latest Netflix show will.

I know of, one Course Chemist student who stayed up until 3am on Saturday writing out two courses. As a result, she got her course sequence completed WHILE taking in the information at the same time.

Want in?

Buy it direct here for $197. (affiliate link)

AND BONUS: if you send me a screenshot of your purchase I will send you my three ebooks.

  1. Your Roadmap to a Profitable Course

  2. 50+ Resources for Your Online Course

  3. Promotional Ideas for your Online Course

You could also think about taking yourself to the next level in course creation and offer strategy,. With Julies higher program FG Society you will receive Course Chemist for FREE if you enroll in FGSociety Part 1 (affiliate link) before March 1st 2021.

I’ll send my ebook bonus here too, if you do it this way.

When you see the sales page and you buy, let me know what tipped you over the edge, I’d love to know, because, both the sales pages are a study in Experience First Design, Copy & Offer Strategy (everything you learn in FG Society.)

Go, now, run to get this.


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