FG Funnels is my new TECH Stack for Digital Marketing

I’ve been training with Funnel Gorgeous to become one of their first round of certified master marketers, the training includes offer strategy, copy and funnel design. Well, such game changing news, Funnel Gorgeous has released their own funnel software that I am in love with and definitely adding it to my Tech Stack for 2021. It is like, Thinkific, Kajabi, Dubsado, Clickfunnels, and any website host software rolled into one. You can host courses, run your CRM, create offers and host domains and websites.

One advantage of FG Funnels is that they support their customers everytime they release a template. The templates drop right into your account. It is a user friendly platform to use, you have the ability to make amazing looking high converting sales pages, website and funnels. Here is a price and feature comparison of FG Funnels with Kartra, Clickfunnels and Kajabi. See update below for new pricing.

FG Funnels Tech Stack vs Kartra, Clickfunnels, and Kajabi. Funnel Features and Cost

Website on FGFunnels

I have my new website hosted on FGFunnels as you have unlimited domains and can keep everything in one place.

How does it compare to Thinkific? Thinkific has a more robust learning platform for those wanting to issue CEU’s or certificates. If you want to white label your courses and run live sessions you are better off in Thinkific. A coach or consultant who wants to publish a single course or host a library of resources will find that FGFunnels can be a great solution.

If you find yourself cobbling tech solutions together, this could be the solution you need.

This is what FG Funnels can replace for you.

With FG Funnels, you have the ability to:

  • Text & Email people
  • Facebook message people
  • Build websites & funnels
  • Create courses & membership areas
  • Craft sales pipelines
  • Solid CRM
  • Build unlimited automations + campaigns
  • Build unlimited appointment calendars
  • Take payment for appointments, courses, and in funnels

With an active account you get ALL of the funnel gorgeous collection designs dropped right into your account.

Feel free to book a call with me. If you do want to create an account, this is my link (affiliate). I offer a free 60 minute Get to Know FGFunnels if you buy through that link.

Update on FGFunnel Pricing

The price per month has gone up to $119, BUT the good news is there is an annual pricing plan now for $997. Buy

FG Funnels Tech Stack vs Kartra, Clickfunnels, and Kajabi. Funnel Features and Cost

My Funnels using FGF

I thought it would be useful for you to see the funnels I’ve created on FGFunnels and am using in my business. (Notice how fast they load!)

Roadmap to A Profitable Course screenshot

Lead Magnet Squeeze Page

VA2Courseconsultant Funnel Page using FGFunnels

VA 2 Course Consultant Webinar Funnel

Lindsey Barlow Course COnsultant website

Website built on FGFunnels

NEWSFLASH: FREE Hand-Holding Migration Experience for Those Ready To Take The Plunge. This will be ideal for anyone curious about moving from Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Kartra and want to have ALL of their tech in one place for as low as $83/mo. The free migration training series runs from November 15th – 23rd at 11am EST EVERY WEEKDAY. Click through to sign up it’s going to be amazing. I will be there! More Here

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4 thoughts on “FG Funnels is my new TECH Stack for Digital Marketing”

  1. I was getting ready to hire someone to migrate my blog to WordPress and design a site.
    What I am unsure of is . . . if I purchase FG funnels, I won’t need to have the WordPress site or hire someone to create that site because I will be able to do that in FG funnels? Also, Mailchimp email lists can be imported? Those 2 things alone would pay for a years worth of FG funnel. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Tonya, you can import your mailchimp email list, you will have to pay for mailgun though as your email engine, which might be the same as Mailchimp. It depends on your situation. You can create all your websites on FGFunnels and there is a blog feature coming soon. You can have as many domains and funnels on FGFunnels.

  2. I don’t have very many subscribers and have been using Mailchimp’s free version and Sendfox (like how they write my emails for me adding my SM videos). Is there an added charge to FG for emails? Or can I still use Sendfox or Mailchimp instead?

    1. You will have to check with FG Funnels directly. You will need to integrate your email so you can send transactional emails through their system. FGMail is $20 a month and is an integrated solution. That works best.

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